Draft Housing Allocations Policy for consultation

We know how important finding a safe and secure home is to you and we are committed to doing all we can to provide well maintained and affordable homes to those who need them most.

Working with Nottingham City Council, we’ve been reviewing the Housing Allocations Policy to make sure that it reflects the latest law, and is fair and transparent. We want to best meet Nottingham’s housing needs, and to give you choice over where you live.

One of the main changes to the policy is how we help residents who approach the Council because they are homeless. The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 requires councils to do more to prevent and relieve homelessness, while supporting people to resolve their housing situation.

It’s proposed that people, who approach the Council as homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, will be helped to find a home in the private rented sector. If that happens, the allocations policy will still allow these applicants to join on the housing register.

Demand for social housing significantly outweighs the number of homes available, so it’s not always possible to offer a social housing home to everyone who needs this help. As there are more private rented sector homes across the city than council or housing association homes, this change in policy may help to increase the choice for many people. It will also mean that people are rehoused much sooner, avoiding or reducing time in temporary accommodation and minimising disruption in people’s lives. 

While reviewing the policy, we have taken the opportunity to listen to your feedback and made it easier for you to understand the banding processes – the reasons you’re placed in a particular band, and how homes are allocated within the banding system.

We would like to know what you think about these changes.

You can download a full version of the proposed new Allocations Policy by clicking here

You can download a summary of the proposed key changes by clicking here

You can download the consultation document, which explains in detail the key changes to the policy by clicking here

Give us your views

The best way to give us your views on the proposed changes to the policy is online, by clicking here:

You can also email your comments to:

Or you can write to us at: Nottingham HomeLink, PO Box 10658, Nottingham NG8 9NW

The deadline for comments is Sunday 15 September.

All the comments that we receive will help to form the final policy before it goes live. Once it has, we will write to you to provide details of your banding.