Mutual Exchanges

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An update on mutual exchanges - 15 July

We’d like to thank everybody for your continued patience as we work hard to bring back mutual exchanges safely.

We’re pleased that we are now in a position to start to bring them back in a staged way.

We’ll be prioritising applicants and contacting them directly, who have had an application awaiting a decision before going into lockdown.

New applications

New applications will only be accepted from midday on Friday 21 August.

All new applications from this date will need to be made using a new, shorter, online application form that will be available on the Mutual Exchanges page of the HomeLink website. This will be the only way to apply for a mutual exchange from this date onwards.

We will let you know at each stage what precautions you will need to take for your safety, the safety of your family, the safety of who you’re exchanging with and the safety of our staff. Please follow the guidance given by our officers when they contact you.


Mutual Exchange 

A Mutual Exchange is where you swap houses with another tenant.

You can make an exchange with any Nottingham City Homes tenant, or any council or housing association tenant anywhere in the UK.

You'll need permission from all landlords before the move can take place - but once granted, it can be an easier and quicker way of finding a new home.

To find someone to swap with, register for free with Homeswapper.

Mutual Exchange surgeries

***Please note that although these dates are still scheduled, we may need to cancel or postpone due to the current coronavirus pandemic.***

We hold four events throughout the year where you can talk to us to find out more about a Mutual Exchange. Details of the events scheduled for the rest of the year are:

Wednesday 21 October, 10am to 3pm at The St Ann's Valley Centre, St Ann's NG3 3GG