Frequently Asked Questions

Application Questions

I can't remember my application number

You'll find your application number on your Housing Online account - beneath the welcome message in the Choice Based Lettings section (when the current advert is live) as well as under saved and submitted housing applications. It will also be on any letters or emails that you've received about your application. If, after trying all these locations, you still can't find it, please contact us. You'll need to let us know your name, date of birth and address.

I've submitted an application - what happens next?

Once your application is submitted, it'll be assessed in date order to see if you qualify to join the Housing Register and what priority you're given. Due to the number of applications we receive, this may take a number of weeks. We will confirm the decision to you in writing once it's been assessed.

Where do I send my Identification?

You must send us your identification so that we can process your application. You can send photos / scans of your ID by email.  Alternatively, you can send them by post to: HomeLink, PO Box 10658, Nottingham NG8 9NW. Please only send copies, and not originals.

Where am I on the Housing Register?

Unfortunately we can't give you a position as each time a property is advertised, we don't know who will apply for it. Please continue to bid and we will let you know if you're successful.

I think I'm in the incorrect band

If you think you have been put in the incorrect band, you have the right to appeal this decision. Click here to complete the short appeal form.

Why have I been placed in Band D?

Band D is the band that is allocated to people who are eligible for our Independent Living homes. For more information about independent living, click here.

My circumstances have changed, what do I do?

Whatever the change, it's really important that you let us know as this might have an impact on the priority you're given for available housing. You'll need to be on the Housing Register first of all. If you are, complete the change of circumstances form by clicking here.

Bidding queries

How do I place a bid?

You'll need to be on the Nottingham Housing Register to be able to place a bid. To make a bid, log into Housing Online and click the 'Choice Based Lettings' tile and then click on 'properties you qualify for' from the actions menu.

From the property list choose ‘view details’ and ‘add to basket’ if you're interested in a particular home. If you wish to bid for another home, click on ‘return to list of properties’ and repeat the process.

When you have made your bids, click on 'View your basket'. If you wish to remove any homes from your basket before submitting your bids, put a tick in the box on the left hand side of the property you want to remove and click 'remove'. 

When you are ready to place your bids, click 'apply'. You will see a message that your bids have been accepted.

To remove a bid after it has been submitted go to the action menu, choose – ‘current bids’, place a tick in the box on the left and then click on ‘withdraw bid’. Please note that you can only withdraw a bid while the current advert is live.


I've placed a bid for a home. What's my position on the shortlist?

We're unable to let people know where they came on the bidding shortlist. If you've been successful, we'll be in touch to let you know and to talk to you about what happens next.

I keep placing bids, but I haven't been offered anything, why is that?

Demand for housing in Nottingham is very high and we unfortunately have many applicants bidding for the same homes. Unfortunately that means it can take time before we can make you an offer. We work in accordance with our Allocations Policy.

When can I bid?

The advert goes live on a Friday at noon and closes the following Wednesday at 11.59pm. Homes are allocated by priority and time on the Housing Register - not on a 'first come, first served' basis.


Why is there nothing to bid on?

Our system will only show you homes that you're eligible to bid on. If you're not seeing any homes in this weeks advert, it is because there are no homes available that you qualify for.

I'm unable to place bids myself, can I get help?

If you do not have internet access or a family member / support worker that can help you with your bids, please contact us, and we'll do our best to help.

I've been offered a home but haven't heard anything – what's happening?

Once you've been offered a home, your viewing and sign up will be handled by our Lettings Team. They will contact you when the home is available to view.

Housing Online queries

What is Housing Online?

Housing Online lets you access your information through a secure web service. Once registered, you'll be able to bid for properties if you're on the Housing Register.

You'll need an email address to be able to create an account as this will be your username when signing in. Help to create an email account is on the Housing Online pages.

Why do I need a Housing Online account?

All applicants need a Housing Online account. Without this, you won’t be able to see the advert or place bids on properties. If you become a Nottingham City Homes tenant, you'll also be able to log in to this account to check your rent account and, in the future, book repairs.

HomeLink Support queries

How do I move on medical grounds?

You'll need to have completed a housing application first of all and then you'll need to complete a medical application form. Medical priority is awarded to applicants who are having difficulty accessing their home and the community due to a medical need. See our Medical Referrals pages for more information. 

Have you received my request for priority rehousing from my social / support worker?

If you qualify for a move on social grounds, take a look at the Allocations Policy for the process for this.

Mutual Exchange queries

I'm interested in a Mutual Exchange, what do I need to do?

To find someone to swap with, you'll need to register with Homeswapper

I've had my inspection - when can I sign?

After the surveyor has visited you, they'll report their findings to us. Once we have these, we'll make contact with you to discuss and make arrangements for the next stage.

What do I do if I'm not happy with the with the condition of the property I'm doing a mutual exchange with?

It's really important that you view the property before you sign to accept. By signing, you are accepting the property in its current condition. If you are in any doubt, talk to us before signing.

Why was my mutual exchange application refused?

Applications may be refused for a number of different reasons. The reasons for your application refusal will be included in the letter we send you.

I don't want to go ahead with the exchange anymore. Can I withdraw?

If you would like to refuse before the welcome (sign up) meeting, you'll need to let us know in writing that you'd like to withdraw from the exchange process. It's important to make sure that before the welcome meeting you're sure of your decision. Once you've signed for your property you're legally obligated to continue the exchange.

Housing to Health

Who is eligible for Housing to Health?

The service has some set criteria. Visit the Housing to Health page for more information.

I’m working with a patient and would like to refer them to Housing to Health. How do I do it?

You must have the patient’s consent before you refer them to us. Once you have it, you can refer them by completing an online referral form

Do you need to be a medical or social professional to refer to the service?

Applicants, as well as their family members, can self-refer into the service if they meet the criteria. Please refer by email or by calling 0115 746 9786.


I'm homeless. What do I need to do?

Nottingham City Council's Housing Aid Team deals with everything related to homelessness. Visit their Homelessness Prevention page for more information.

My question hasn't been answered

If you have a question that hasn't been answered above, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.