April rent increase

All Nottingham City Council tenants' rents increased from 1 April 2024.

The amount your rent can increase by each year is limited by the government. This year, the rent for your home is increasing by 7.7% in line with the Government's current rent policy. Most service charges are increasing by 6.7%.

The exact details of your individual rent change are included in the letter we sent you in March.

We know that an increase in rent is never welcomed. We're working hard to keep your rent affordable. Other local authorities and Housing Associations are increasing their rents by similar amounts as we all continue to operate in a challenging financial environment. 

The increase means we can continue to meet the costs of managing and maintaining your home.

More than two thirds of tenants receive Universal Credit or housing benefit to help pay their rent - and these benefits will rise to cover all or part of this rent increase.

Pay by Direct Debit?
Thank you. We let you know your new rent amount before your April payment was taken. If you don't pay by Direct Debit, but would like to set one up, please get in touch. We can set it up over the phone. Call us on 0115 915 4920.

Universal Credit
If you get Universal Credit and get help with your housing costs in your Universal Credit payment, you got a to-do action on your journal on or after 1 April. You must update your journal with your new rent and eligible service charges or the housing costs element of your Universal Credit will not cover your rent. 

Housing Benefit
Nottingham City Council wrote to you before the end of March to let you know how much, if anything, you now need to pay.

If you pay your rent directly yourself
Please make sure you've been paying the new amount from 8 April.

Here to help
If you need help managing your rent, please get in touch and we'll do all we can to support you. Find out about all the ways we can help, here: 
Help managing your rent